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Markets Brief: US Inflation in the Spotlight Again

Plus: Corporate bonds are in favour, story stocks struggle and Nvidia shows weakness […]

13 Questions for Redwheel's James Johnstone

In this series, we ask leading fund managers about everything from their investment strategy, to role models, their views on crypto, and their unpopular opinions […]

Top Stock Picks in the UK Housebuilder Sector

As the housing market starts to recover, Persimmon screens as the most undervalued stock in our coverage […]

YouGov Share Price Plunge: Which Funds Are Exposed?

YouGov's share price has dropped drastically. But it is difficult to gauge investor reaction, and fund houses supposedly holding the company have gone quiet […]

What Is (and Isn’t) Working among Technology Stocks in 2Q2024?

Why is [insert name of technology-focused ETF] underperforming in 2024? This is a recurring question that we are facing in June 2024. Part of the reas… […]

Is Palm Oil Off Limits for ESG Investors?

VIDEO: Morningstar Sustainalytics Ruby Jeng explains that companies can manage their material ESG risks […]

Is The US Election an Investing Opportunity?

An evidence-based approach – rather than a political one – has shown its worth over the years   […]

YouGov Shares Down 43% on Profit Warning

Polling firm lowers profit forecasts for the financial year […]

Micron Stock is Soaring. So is it a Buy or a Sell?

The chipmaker's stock is up 66% this year, but its business remains cyclical […]

Two Stocks With High Human Capital

VIDEO: As job losses start to rise, human capital expenditure is becoming more important in the ESG space, says Petra Daroczi, ESG analyst and portfolio manager at Comgest […]

Hargreaves Shares Bounce as Private Equity Firms Thrash Out Deal

Shares in the Bristol broker are up after an improved bid by a trio of private equity firms that values the FTSE 100 company at over £5 billion […]

Bank of England Holds Rates Despite Hitting 2% Target

At a meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee yesterday, attendees voted 7-2 in favour of a rate hold, despite the Bank hitting its 2% inflation target […]

Portfolios With Low ESG Risk Outperform in Times of Crisis

Market patterns during past shocks suggest minimizing ESG risk is good business […]

Rate Cuts May Boost ESG Bond Funds

Green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds stand to benefit as monetary policy loosens across Europe and the UK […]

Inflation Hits Target, But Will The BoE Cut Rates?

A drop in the inflation rate to 2% sets up Thursday's Bank of England meeting […]

US Stocks Beat Predictions Over the Past Decade. Can They Do it Again?

This is the math behind the US equity market's surprisingly-strong performance   […]

GE Aerospace Stock Has Skyrocketed 86%. Is It a Buy?

A series of strategic spinoffs has left GE a more focused company. […]

Markets Brief: 4 Stocks Made Up 80% of the Gains. Can it Last?

Plus: When to expect a rate cut, Musk's payday, and more Fed talk […]

Your ESG Fund May Have to Sell These Stocks

TotalEnergies, Tencent and Shell may have to be divested under new EU regulations this year on fund naming […]

Is The FTSE 100 Anti-ESG?

The London stock market is stuffed with oil, bank and mining stocks. But many companies rank highly on other ESG metrics like governance […]

Four Undervalued European Wind Energy Stocks

The sector faces plenty of challenges but a number of stocks are screening as undervalued […]

Preparing for a Policy Rate Pivot with U.S. Small Caps

As we conclude the first half of 2024, the “higher for longer” interest rate environment continues to stifle U.S. small-cap equities. While the S&P 50… […]

The Costco Economy

Earnings season never really ends. It is a slow, steady drip of useful—sometimes conflicting—data. But listening closely can be powerful for uncoverin… […]

Behind the Markets Podcast: Strategic Insights on Global Competitiveness

On a recent episode of Behind the Markets, Ylli Bajraktari, CEO of the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP), shared valuable insights into how t… […]

Adding China to Your Portfolio: Strategic and Tactical Considerations

Since the Chinese New Year (February 9, 2024), when China fired the head of its securities regulator, the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission (CS… […]

Fed Watch: At the Midway Point

Once again, the Fed kept rates unchanged at the June FOMC meeting. As a result, the Fed Funds trading range remains in the 5.25%–5.50% band that was i… […]

Case for Currency Hedging: Weak Currency Benefits Europe and Japan

In today’s complex global economy, currency fluctuations play a crucial role in shaping investment outcomes. While we’ve previously emphasized the imp… […]

The Prices Don’t Feel Right: Unraveling the Inflation Perception

Inflation is not fun. And—for the past 30 years—it has largely been a non-issue for consumers. That dynamic has changed. The relevant question is whet… […]

Why India Remains Our Favorite Emerging Markets Growth Story Post-Election

Narendra Modi started the 2024 election campaign with an ambitious goal of exceeding the majority his party obtained in his prior two terms. The first… […]

And there is no apparent successor. For the better part of 50 years, there has been one prediction that has been persistently in the headlines and per… […]

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